The Cost of Living Abroad

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Cost of living abroad

Aside from the expenses for moving to your new home, which include removal costs, rent deposits and sale fees,  have you considered the actual cost of living abroad? Many people think that life in a new country is cheaper and they are most likely right in some cases. But still, there are countries such as Norway or Switzerland which are famous for its […]

4 Essential points about packing fragile items

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Essential points about packing fragile items

Often times the possessions we hold closest to our hearts are the ones a mouse’s sneeze could shatter into a million pieces. Glass trinkets, porcelain plates, huge glowing screens of technological wonder; even that hand carved crystal Star Trek figurine chess set that your girlfriend won’t let you play with anymore. Whether strictly sentimental or part […]

Moving Abroad from the UK: Your Moving Checklist

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Once you decide to move abroad from the UK, you should be prepared that the journey will be exciting but challenging at the same time. There are a number of things that you can do to make your move to another country smoother and easier – and putting a checklist together is one of them.

This checklist will be your best friend […]

Moving with Children – 7 Tips to Make Your Move Easier

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Moving with Children

Moving is considered to be one of the most stressful life events for adults, let alone children. For kids, moving home means leaving everything they’re familiar with behind – school, neighbourhood , friends, etc. This makes it really hard for them and they may need some extra attention and help to cope with the stress of moving to […]

10 Best Places in France To Live In

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10 Best Places in France To Live In

France has always been an attractive destination for people who are considering living abroad. The country can offer everything for a good life – a pleasant climate, rich history, stunning architecture, diverse and colourful culture, excellent healthcare system, and lots more.

Living in France is a dream come true, but it may be difficult to choose […]