Transporting Building Materials in the EU

A massively growing sector, both into and out of the UK to Europe, is building materials transportation. The reason for this growth is the number of people moving and relocating to Europe and carrying out their building projects. These building projects most often require the specialist services of a European building materials transport company.
We have vast experience in transporting building materials around Europe. There isn’t much that we haven’t moved for clients, including bricks and insulation for new builds and property renovations in Europe. Other removals include concrete panels, steel and roofing materials, drywall and timber products. We have also transported plasterboard to Europe, flooring, building frames, steel and much more.
The nature of the building materials you want to transport to the EU is a crucial element when determining the price. It is essential to select the correct and most cost-effective vehicle that will get your building materials to your destination. For example, are your building materials waterproof or do they need protection during transport to the EU? Can they be flat packed on an open trailer transporter? Or are they unusual or awkward building materials, such as some roofing products?

Building Materials Transportation and Logistics

The weight of your building materials destined for the EU is also, of course, a significant consideration. Bricks, lead flashing and plasterboard all add up to substantial weights.
Many people need building materials transportation to Europe because of the specialist nature of the products available in the UK, or because they are simply much cheaper, even after including transportation costs. Larger building projects or building renovations in the EU can be expensive, and it is often cost-effective to transport building materials to the EU rather than to buy them over there.
Ferry or tunnel? Toll roads or cross country? How long will it take to get the building materials transported to Europe? Is there a deadline for their arrival or some flexibility? Are the building materials insured during transit? Does the insurance cover them once off the van at their destination? Is the site easy to access and easy to unload too? Will you need lifts to unload your building materials or can the European removal company drivers handle this for you? Just a few of the questions that need consideration when selecting a building materials removal and transport company to head to Europe for you.