Movers Guide

So you’re about to move, the truck is going to be here within a few short days and you haven’t even begun to prepare for it? No worries, we’ve all been there! Moving is terrifying, and it always feels like, even with us taking care of the transport, you’re still required to think about a billion things at once with no clear beginning, middle and end. While we can’t physically help you with your packing and other preparations, we can support you and cheer for you in spirit, while also providing you with a couple of tips, tricks and “life hacks” along the way!

To use our Movers Guide most effectively, please carefully look over the relevant articles below in order while keeping the inventory list at hand and using the cubic calculator when necessary.

General Tips on Packing
The first and, some might say, most important article to read. You’ll learn essential things about packing such as proper labelling, keeping track of your items, packing fragile items or carpets, etc
Packing Room by Room
You wouldn’t pack your bedroom the way you would your garage or bathroom, right? Since one universal packing guide doesn’t exist, we’ve created one for each room in your home!
Vehicle-Related Tips
Anything and everything that has to do with our moving vans, such as size, volume and weight limit, as well as various loading tips to ensure nothing will be lost during the long drive to your destination.
Manual Lifting Tips
If you’ve ever pulled a muscle after lifting something heavy, you know lifting and carrying items isn’t a matter of just picking them up. It’s an exact science, and we’re about to give you your doctorate!
Inventory List Form
A critical tool for ensuring that you’ve packed everything you need, and that the items you packed have all reached their destination. You should have this at hand as soon as you start packing.
Cubic Calculator
Our vans have certain volume limits, which is why you should always have a general idea of whether your possessions can fit in. Fortunately, our thorough calculator can account for most of your items!