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The Adventure of Moving by the Beach

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Ever dreamed to live by the beach? Listening to the sound of the waves whenever you want, not only when on holiday? Or even better, you’ve decided to follow that dream? Good for you!

Beaches are a lot like people, there are different kinds, with various looks and charms. Here, we have provided a short list of some of the best sandy […]

The Healthcare System in Switzerland: FAQs

2020-02-07T07:40:12+00:00 Moving To: Blog|


In recent years Switzerland has become an attractive destination for Brits, and the number of people who take the leap to move here, either for a new job or to retire, has been steadily growing. So it’s no wonder more and more people try to find information on the Swiss health care system, which is why we’ve decided to compile a […]

How to move plants to your new home

2020-01-29T12:34:42+00:00 Moving To: Blog|


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If you are a plant lover (just like us!) you understand why people say that plants are what make a house feels like home. And if you’re moving to a new country it is essential to bring your plants with you. Having taken care of them for months, even years, it just doesn’t feel right […]

Moving to Spain: Residency and Work Permits

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Plan on moving to the sunny land of Spain?

If so, coming to grips with all the formalities, concerning your residency status is one of the first things you should deal with. Generally, it is much easier for EU citizens to obtain a permanent residency in Spain, while for non-EU nationals the process may be a little more complicated and […]

New Year, New Home: Tips For Moving Abroad in 2020

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Another year has passed by. Wow, that one has flown by far too quickly, hasn’t it? What has happened to all resolutions that you’ve committed to last year? Have you stick to them, or your list has ended up hidden at the back of a drawer?

It’s human nature to kick-start the new year with big promises and long to-do […]

Moving home: 10 Things to help you settle in

2020-01-29T12:56:29+00:00 Moving To: Blog|

Moving abroad is a daunting and exciting experience in equal measure. When the scary part is over and you are all unpacked in your new home, it comes the fun part. Or does it?

Settling in to your new home needs time and can often be a little more difficult than anticipated. Here a few handy tips that will guarantee a […]

Top Five Places People are Moving to in Europe

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One of Europe’s famous nicknames is “The Old Continent”, which makes perfect sense, given that it is one the world’s oldest cradles of civilization in the world. But don’t let that nickname deceive you, she may be old and wise, but she is absolutely up to date with all the modern blessings. Actually, a great part of the […]

Should I keep my bank account when moving abroad?

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If you have made the decision to make the move abroad, there are a number of options available to you when it comes to banking as an expat. Most probably you are trying to get to grips with some of them and are feeling a bit overwhelmed which would be the ideal choice for you.

We feel your pain, which […]

Moving to Spain: Tips for buying a home

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Spain is a very popular destination with people planning to move abroad in search of a better quality of life. The largest cities such as Madrid, Barcelona and Seville attract thousands of expats from around the globe who come here for the sunny, warm climate and golden beaches, but immediately fall in love with the […]

The Cost of Living Abroad

2019-10-31T15:59:42+00:00 Moving To: Europe|

Cost of living abroad

Aside from the expenses for moving to your new home, which include removal costs, rent deposits and sale fees,  have you considered the actual cost of living abroad? Many people think that life in a new country is cheaper and they are most likely right in some cases. But still, there are countries such as Norway or Switzerland which are famous for its […]