European and UK Express Vans and Trucks

If you’re based in Europe, and you’re looking for a European and UK express vans and trucks service, then look no further. Such services are our speciality. Having established solid partnerships with haulage firms across the continent, we can load within two hours from most European cities. Small wonder that so many have come to rely on us to complete their international removals.
In the world of long-distance shipping, time is everything. A single late or missed delivery can have knock-on effects that are felt for months afterwards. Our express delivery service guards against this possibility in two key ways.
Firstly, we offer a dedicated service, reserved just for you and your goods. We’re thus able to avoid zig-zagging from place to place on the way to our destination. Instead, your driver will proceed as directly as possible.
Secondly, our drivers benefit from European Satellite Navigation and can take the fastest route, avoiding any traffic problems along the way. This also allows us to keep you posted on the progress of your vehicle throughout the journey.

Express Vans and Trucks

Our express vans and trucks are mostly curtain-side. But if you have a high-value load that needs transporting, we can provide a box vehicle with a tail lift. Whether it’s an entire office’s stock of computer equipment or a single valuable oil painting. We have the resources to ship it to anywhere in Europe.
We’ve been carrying out European removals since 2010, and since then we’ve built up a considerable pool of experience. Put simply, we’ve seen and tackled just about every problem that occurs on European roads, and we can be relied upon to get your goods to where they need to be, in as straight a line as possible.
If you’d like to take advantage of our European and UK express vans and trucks service, get in touch. If you need to take your items anywhere on the continent, we’ll discuss your requirements and arrange express delivery to get the job done directly.