When moving your goods with any removals or transport company you will typically have 3 insurance options to consider with regards to the transit, shipping or removals insurance.

1. Own insurance company cover on your own home contents insurance –Owner or Professionally Packed

2. The removals company insurance or 3rd party insurance company – Owner Packed

3. The removals company insurance or 3rd party insurance company – Professionally Packed

Most removals companies offer additional insurance cover from around 3% of the total value of goods being shipped and you will be required to make a detailed inventory of every single item or box.
At European Moving we do not offer such additional insurance cover as generally these insurance policies don’t cover very much and exclude a lot, meaning when you need to make a claim it is likely you will NOT be covered for what you thought you would be.
We do not consider it ethical or fair to offer our customers these unfairly worded and in many cases unfairly stacked towards the insurance company insurance policies.
These policies will on many occasions fall far short of our customers’ expectations of insurance cover.
However, we do cover for the absolute worst case scenarios, your goods are indemnified with us for £40 per item or box (In line with BAR Terms & Conditions, section 8.1 and 8.2) up to the value of £10,000 in the event of fire, theft, vehicle accident or vessel disaster.
We also offer in addition a £40 per missing item or box compensation policy.
For the sake of clarity your goods are not insured for breakages, minor transit damages or miscellaneous missing items with European Moving whether packed by yourself or by us.
European Moving always recommend additional insurance cover is taken out if full insurance cover is required, however the option is entirely up to you.
We recommend that all goods should be packed and protected prior to collection no matter what your insurance arrangements are.
If your goods are adequately packed and protected they should be able to withstand normal removal handling and transportation.
Our advice is to first check your home contents insurance policy cover as you may already have some removals insurance built in to your policy or be able add extra cover for a small premium.
If you still require additional cover then there are many companies available online that can give you a quote for Marine Cargo Insurance and/or Removals.
Insurance such asv https://www.freightcover.com or https://www.insure-your-move.com .
You can also do a google search for “Marine Cargo Insurance “or “Removals Insurance”, there are many companies out there that can give you exactly the kind of cover that you require and in most cases the cover will be far more superior than the bulk provided insurance cover being offered to you at 3% by a removals company which to be frank in many cases is not worth the paper it is written on.

Please do not list European Moving as the professional packers unless we have agreed it with you by prior arrangement and in writing that this service will be provided as this may invalidate your insurance policy.

Making Insurance Claims

The reality of moving personal effects through any removals, transport and shipping company over long distances is that there is always going to be a risk that something may get broken in transit.
In most cases its normally a negligible loss but in some cases, it may be necessary to make an insurance claim or claim against our own £40 per box or Item compensation scheme.
Due to the many 1000’s of shipments we send each year, and the vast amounts of countries and languages involved your claim should you have one will be handled by professional international loss adjusters Crawford & Company Adjusters (UK) Limited
To make a claim with our loss adjusters please request a claim form from us. If you are claiming against your own insurance ensure that you have checked your Insurance policy wording to establish that you have the cover you are going to claim for.
Please note that your goods are not insured for breakages or transit damages with European Moving but we can assist you with some aspects of your claim with your own insurance company.
If you need any information or documents when making a claim against your own insurance company, please contact us on the following email [email protected] .
Please ensure that you provide as many details as possible including the full name of the claimant, policy number and the point of contact for any correspondence, ensure that you provide as much information as possible.
Below is a list of some of the things you may need to make your claim:

  • Policy number
  • Name of insured party
  • A copy of the signed collection and delivery notes or CMR’s
  • A copy of a signed inventory with signatures from the pick-up driver and the delivery driver
  • An estimate by a professional company for the cost of the repairs or replacement of the losses
  • Photographic evidence of the packaging before and after the incident
  • Photographic evidence of the damages, proof of purchase and/or ownership

When returning the claim form to Crawford please make sure you have as much information to hand and if you have taken out insurance they will need the name, phone number, claim number and email address of the person at your insurance company who is dealing with your claim.

Full details for Crawford are below:
Crawford & Company Adjusters (UK) Limited
Registered Number: 2908444
Registered Office: 70 Mark Lane, London EC3R 7NQ