Top Five Places People are Moving to in Europe


One of Europe’s famous nicknames is “The Old Continent”, which makes perfect sense, given that it is one the world’s oldest cradles of civilization in the world. But don’t let that nickname deceive you, she may be old and wise, but she is absolutely up to date with all the modern blessings. Actually, a great part of the discoveries that have shaped our lives and continue to do so, have been made on the Old Continent.

In short, Europe is eternal.

It is also a favourite place for people to move in search of a new start. With its many countries, cultures, opportunities and advantages provided, moving to Europe means that you will definitely find what you are looking for and much more.

Of course, different people prefer different places, regarding age, job search, studies, social systems, etc.

That is why we’ve compiled a list of the top five places people are moving to in Europe, that will help you make the best choice for removal to your new home.


  1. France – it has always been one of the leading countries in Europe, be it in the aspect of politics, fashion, art, development, you name it. One of the most desirable places for moving and creating a new beginning, France attracts people with its beautiful, diverse nature, good climate, rich culture and career opportunities. According to statistics, it provides plenty of job options, the most popular of them being in the fields of marketing, law, medicine and brokers. Of course, some of those professions require a local level of education and a good level of French, both of which can act as a good start. If you are a young professional, seeking a place that will help you spread your wings, France is definitely where you would like to start.
  2. Spain – a country of dancing, good weather and good, warm-hearted locals. For a long time now, it’s been a tendency for people to relocate to Spain not only in search of a new job but also after retiring. What better time to start a new beginning than now when the long, hard-working years are paying back? Spain holds one of the best prices of houses and apartments in Europe, the climate is excellent and the lifestyle, well, we all know that the Spanish are famous for their calm and laid back way of life. And if you prefer a more active atmosphere, you can always turn your gaze to the big cities like Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia, because retirement means having the freedom to choose your unique rhythm of existence.
  3. Sweden – if you love snow and winter, and there is a Viking / shield maiden dwelling in your heart, then Sweden is the place for you! Well, there are a lot more reasons than just that and they are all equally cool, depending on why are you moving to this Scandinavian gem. If education is the path you are walking on right now, Sweden is one of the best countries to give you an excellent level. The university system is one of the best in Europe, providing teaching and resources of extremely high quality, good accommodation and the opportunity to expand your horizon in more than one way. And yes, the standard of living is indeed very high, that is why the university education is free for students, coming from EU member countries, regardless if it’s a Bachelor or a Master’s degree. For international students, coming from non-EU member country, there is financial support in the form of scholarships, student loans and grants to aid with the expenses. The Swedish social system is also rock stable, meaning that your needs will be met outside the university as well.
  4. Italy – The Roman empire is truly the place where it all began and even after its fall, Italy was and continues to be one of the leaders on the map of Europe. History, culture, grand places to see, beauty, opportunities, whatever you seek, you will find it in Italy. The country attracts both the older and the younger generations. The former is captivated by the excellent opportunity of spending their retirement in a nice, sunny place with a calm and fun lifestyle. The latter sees Italy’s potential in the professional aspect, more specifically in the fields of tourism, translation and interpreting, teaching and academic research. Moving and creating a new life in Italy, guarantees that you will always be accompanied by inspiration and the joy of living.
  5. Germany – now that is a country always in the centre of excitement. Nowadays, however, the excitement covers various fields, making Germany an attractive location for the young people of Europe. The university system is among the preferred ones on the continent along with the postgraduate programs and internships that are provided. The job market is also very vast with the most desired professions being engineers, doctors and IT specialists. Let’s add an excellent social system and rich bouquet of regular cultural and social events, places to go and to see, and the opportunity to meet a rainbow of people, Germany is indeed a place where you can not only spread your wings but create a whole new world under one sky.


These countries are just a small part of the wonders that Europe holds and in the future, we will continue to show you bits of those wonders. We will also help you when the time comes to load the moving vans and head to one of those magical places.

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