New Year, New Home: Tips For Moving Abroad in 2021


Another year has passed by. Wow, that one has flown by far too quickly, hasn’t it? What has happened to all resolutions that you’ve committed to last year? Have you stick to them, or your list has ended up hidden at the back of a drawer?

It’s human nature to kick-start the new year with big promises and long to-do lists, and most likely you have already skimmed over at least two publications on how to make 2021 your year. And that’s fine, finding a little dose of inspiration can motivate us to pursue our dreams and achieve more in the coming year.

But there’s one thing that can utterly change your life and take you on an exciting adventure in 2021, and that’s moving abroad.

New home, new you

A surefire way to give a fresh start to your life is to move abroad. New country, new home, new you. Sounds so good! That is why it comes as no surprise that moving abroad is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions, and with this blog post, we will help you eliminate the things that give you excuses not to move abroad now.

Removals companies – how to find the right one?

Moving abroad tops the lists of the most stressful events people can experience in life. And it is certainly daunting as moving home is more than changing your home address; you need to get settled into a new environment with culture, traditions and way of living, which are completely different to those in the UK. So, undoubtedly the first few weeks and months can be a little bit crazy.

One of the most important things you’ll need to keep in mind every step of the way is that relocation is a process, which demands solid planning and preparations to be successful. It starts with finding a job and a new place to call home, and continues long after you have shifted your home contents to your new country. Yet, we cannot deny that much of the stress comes from managing the logistics of your home move, so hiring a professional moving company to be your partner should be among the top priorities to check off well in advance of your actual home removal. If you’re wondering what factors to consider when looking for a good removals company, you may find some handy tips in this blog post. Remember that a reliable and reputable moving company would normally provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for your move and can be flexible enough to accommodate your needs.

I hate packing. Is there an easy way?

Of course. You can always hire professional helpers to do the packing, loading & unloading for you so that you can free up time for more important tasks. Many moving companies offer packing as an extra service, which can be included in your moving quote. The options can vary by price – for example, the helpers can bring professional packing and wrapping materials for a fee, or you can provide everything you have handy and is suitable for packaging to cut the cost of your home removal.

COVID-19 safe removals.

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Take the step, do the move, embrace the challenge.

Moving home in 2021?

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