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Please read through European Moving’s “Moving FAQs” before your shipment day We packed our Moving FAQs full of useful advice, and at European Moving we believe in giving the information to you straight. We answer the everyday questions with honesty and integrity, nothing hidden in our terms and conditions unlike many of the larger and well-known removals companies attempt to do. If you want 100% honest answers and want to make your move problem-free, then please read on.

Moving Companies FAQ’s

A. Unfortunately not, we are a low-cost operator and we only transport customer packed and protected items. Please ensure all of your items are adequately export-packed and that your furniture is protected and ready for road transport. Please read our movers guide page for packing advice.
A. We provide two kinds of servicesLoad and Go and EasyMoves. In both cases, the driver will assist with the SAFE loading of the vehicle. Please note that Load and Go is a roadside service and that EasyMoves is ground floor only; customers should expect to help with the loading of the vehicle.
A. Blankets are not provided in our vans / trucks, because we consider them as packing material like boxes and bubble wrap. They can be found easily and at a low price online. However, keep in mind that if they are not well secured, they could slip during transport and thus leave your furniture vulnerable to shocks. Find more guidance on our Movers guide page.
A. Yes, all of the vans will come with several sets of straps, the straps will be used to secure large items. Please make sure you are happy with the security of your belongings being loaded on to the vehicle before it sets off on its journey.
A. We provide two types of service. Our Load and Go service is based on roadside collection and delivery; the driver stays next to the vehicle and helps with the loading only. EasyMoves service consists in collecting/delivering your items from/ to the ground floor of the property. We can sometimes arrange additional help for upper floors or arrange addition labour; our move managers will help you find the best solution.
A. No. Most insurance associated with moving companies are disappointing when called to action. In our experience, the customer is better off either using the cover provided by your Household contents insurance policy (check the level of coverage!) or seek a specific insurance online from a 3rd Party Insurance company. Quotes are free. Please read our Insurance Page for more info. However, we do have liability cover for £40 per box or £10,000 per van in the event of total loss. (Note: Insurance conditions and details vary from one country to another. Make sure you contact your insurer in your country of residence for more information.)
A. If your item is missing, you can claim to our insurance under our missing item compensation policy for £40 per box or item. If the item has been damaged, you will need to claim to your own insurance. Please read our Insurance Page for more info. If you wish to make a claim, please get in contact, and we will send you over a copy of our claims form.
A. We ask for €50 deposit upon booking which is fully refundable. The remaining balance payment payable 14 days before shipment commences. Should you need to cancel your removal with us more than 3 days before the date of the collection, you are entitled to a full refund. In case of cancellation within 3 days of collection we shall only refund 50% of the total amount paid.
A. Our drivers all speak Basic English. Due to the vast amount of countries we cover, we cannot guarantee they will be native English speakers. We have language speakers in our office should they be needed.
A. Yes, this can be arranged up to 1 day before collection, and the price can be adjusted accordingly. Contact your Move Manager.
A. Yes, all shipments need to have an inventory. If you have booked 2 or 3 vans, then we need to have 2 or 3 inventories forms filled out. Your move manager will email you an inventory template once you have booked. It’s also a condition of insurance that you fill an inventory and place values on specific items before you start moving. We ideally need the final inventory(s) at least 3 to 5 working days before your move. Please also print two paper copies, 1 for you and one for the driver(s). You must check on and check off our vehicles when loading and unloading. Insurance companies will always reject claims for miscellaneous and unrecorded missing items.
A. We send your invoice once we have received the balance of your payment. We’re not able to issue an invoice until then. If you have any questions regarding this, do not hesitate to speak to your move manager.
A. Your move with us is subject to VAT. The rate of VAT depends on the country where the move originates. Your quote already includes VAT. If your move is a business move and your business is VAT registered, then we will require your VAT number so that the VAT can be reversed charged. If your business is not VAT registered, you will have to pay VAT at the rate of the country where the moves originates.
A. We cannot accept liability if our vans are overloaded. All fines by Police, VOSA or any other foreign authorities are the responsibility of the customer. We shall require payment before unloading at the delivery point. It may be necessary to send another van to recover overloaded goods; charges will apply in such circumstances. If you have any doubts about being overweight, it’s better to speak with your move manager about booking a part-load or an additional van.
A. There are random customs checks in some countries. Indeed, customs authorities can stop a vehicle for a customs check at any time and unfortunately it may result in a delayed arrival. We will keep you informed in such cases of any delays.
A. When you are moving to one of the 28 European Union member states, you do not need any customs documentation. If you are moving your goods to countries such as Switzerland, Norway, the Canary Islands, Iceland, and Liechtenstein, we shall need to arrange customs clearance.
A. We usually start the customs clearance procedure 2 or 3 days before shipment so that you can bring your inventory update just before you move.
A. It can be complicated to change the inventory once finalised with a customs clearance agent. In such circumstances, extra agent fees would apply.
A. The person moving its goods will be responsible for paying any fees due. Customs clearance fees vary from country to country. A budget for somewhere under €300 would be a safe estimate. We will pay any customs agent’s fees exiting Dover or Folkestone on your behalf; the cost of this is included in your quote.
A. We do not operate outside Europe. We modelled our business to offer the most competitive prices within Europe. However, we do have a sister company International Movers who provide the same service outside Europe.
We hope these Moving FAQs have been useful. If you think of something to add, please contact us (phone, mail, chat) with your suggestions. With your help, we shall make them even better
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