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Moving and Removals to Northern Ireland

Moving to Northern Ireland Welcome to some of the friendliest people in the world! Rest assured, it’s not called the Emerald Isle for nothing. Green and luscious it certainly is, which means the scenery is amazing, the food’s great and the weather, well the weather can be cloudy and wet a lot of the time… But, what’s that, compared to the beautiful Celtic language, the Irish wit, their music and their culture?

Are you looking to make a successful move to Northern Ireland?

We’re here to give you advice, tales and tips to ensure a hassle free transition.
  • Is there ever a better time to move? We think so, and we’ve given you 6 reasons why.
  • We’ve given you 5 of the best cities for expats to move to in Northern Ireland, together with 5 interesting facts about Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland.
  • Want to keep in touch with friends and family? Check out the link we’ve given you.
  • Are you looking for work in Northern Ireland? We’ve given you 4 necessary facts you’ll need to know.
  • Finally, we’ve shown you 3 steps to help with renting and buying property.
  • Moving Tips for Northern Ireland helping you save money, stress and hassle.

Is there ever a better time to move? We think so, and here’s why:

  1. Guess what, summer is the most popular time to move, which means costs for moving will be correspondingly higher and waiting times longer. Yes, that’s right, most people want to move in school holidays.
  2. Are you on the lookout to save money? Apart from picking a non-holiday month, and taking children out of school, go for the quietest season, which will be winter. Look for ‘a slump in dates‘ for example that first week in December or first week in January when people’s thoughts are on the upcoming holidays (or getting over them) rather than moving home.
  3. Check out route options to save on fuel costs. Would you believe fuel costs can jump at weekends?
  4. Are you renting? Negotiate a lease to begin mid-month and plan your move for mid-week.
  5. Any pets? Plan their move well ahead check out the veterinary requirements for Northern Ireland. If your pet(s) suffer from travel anxiety consult your vet or Google natural alternatives.
  6. Make two move plans – one for the move itself and then one for AFTER your move. Why? Because we often tend to hit the ground running and make no time for getting in touch with our new environment. Prepare a twelve-month plan to discover and explore your new country, you won’t regret it.

Five Interesting facts about Belfast, because you’ll want to visit the capital, even if you don’t plan to live there.

  1. Belfast, the capital that means “river mouth of the sandbanks” in Irish, is the largest city in Northern Ireland. It’s the birthplace of many famous musicians, bands like Van Morrison, guitarists such as former Thin Lizzy Gary Moore and punk rock legends Stiff Little Fingers to name just a few.
  2. We mentioned the weather, well do expect an average 157 days of rain in Belfast. But take heart, that’s less than Scotland, however, if you’re comparing Dublin in Southern Ireland with Belfast, then Belfast wins out. Yet there is something positive, you’ll experience less than ten days of snow in Belfast in any one year!
  3. Near Belfast Harbour you’ll find the Titanic Museum to commemorate the infamous ship The Titanic that was built in Belfast in 1912.
  4. Walk the Golden Mile between Queen’s University and Belfast City Hall and enjoy some of the finest restaurants and bars in the city.
  5. Are you a reader of Gulliver’s Travels? Jonathan Swift, the author, lived at Lilliput Cottage on Belfast’s Limestone Road. Swift’s sleeping giant in the novel is said to be have been inspired by Cavehill, which are a group of hills overlooking the city.
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Where are the best places to move in Northern Ireland?

We’ve looked for places, known for attractive scenery, great local shops and a lovely community spirit to bring you some of the most popular living areas for expats – Belfast, Ballycastle and Enniskillen. For sea lovers, the most popular places for moving are Portstewart, Ballycastle and Rostrevor together with Erneside town in Co Enniskillen. It’s wise, though, to visit places during the ‘off-season’ for that real feel of living. You’ll truly experience a different atmosphere. There’s a rule of thumb to go by when moving that says it takes about six months to get used to a new environment, and twelve months if it is a new country as well as a new environment.

Moving to Belfast?

Moving to Belfast offers a variety of places to live and if sailing is your thing consider Cultra which is a part of Greater Belfast, and an affluent area near Hollywood, County Down and home to the Royal North of Ireland Yacht Club. Cultra literally means behind the beach, it has one of the most gorgeous coastal paths in Ireland. You can travel by walking, running or cycling from Belfast to the coastal town of Bangor. If you are creative and moving to Belfast for work at nearby Hollywood business is booming especially for advertising and communications and arts. Not surprising really when you consider Belfast is known for birthing great music and art. If you are looking to live in Belfast, then the south of the city scores the best, particularly the area around Queens, including Lisburn Road and Malone area. There is no problem with sectarianism in South Belfast, or in most of the city.

Moving to Ballycastle, Northern Ireland

For those moving to Ballycastle and remember the Beatles, you can view Rathlin Island and the Mull of Kintyre in Scotland from its coastline. Ballycastle means “town of the castle” and is located in County Antrim on the northeastern coastal tip. Well known for its Ould Lammas Fair held in late August, it’s also the home of the Corrymeela Community promoting peace and reconciliation. There’s a strong sense of community in this little town of 5k population and a history of fabulous food production. If you are moving to Ballycastle for work and you have skills in food, then this town has managed to generate some healthy businesses around traditional food and food production.

Moving to Enniskillen

If you are moving to Enniskillen be prepared for living with water because it’s situated in the Fermanagh Lakelands in Co Fermanagh. It means you will literally be driving over bridges to do your shopping on the main street! If you are moving to Enniskillen to retire, then what you can achieve for your money is fabulous. For example, currently, (May 2017) Four bed Georgian Town House near the town centre is asking £175k

Want to keep in touch with friends and family?

Here are the links you’ll need and the three networks to check out: Vodafone and O2 cover 95% of the market with Meteor another option. For the best deals and including broadband see Money Guide Ireland Moving to Northern Ireland scrabo tower

Are you planning to work in Northern Ireland?

First, think you need to know is that Northern Ireland is part of the UK, which includes England, Scotland and Wales. Although traditionally an industrial economy with shipbuilding, rope manufacture and textiles, Northern Ireland has been replaced by services and a growing tourist industry. If you’re looking for work or starting your own business, tourist accommodation is a growth industry, particularly with the growth in screen tourism (following the success of Games of Thrones). If you’re resourceful, committed to providing excellent customer service and creative in providing memorable visitor experience tourism is an ideal job for you. Check out Top 1000 Companies in Ireland look through forums on job hunting in Northern Ireland and check out the following link.

3 steps to help with renting and buying in Northern Ireland

Check out and for property to rent and for advice in renting including your rights as a tenant check out this link.. Looking to buy? Click here for information including help on choosing, making an offer and stamp duty in Northern Ireland. For whatever reason you’re intending to make this international move to Northern Ireland, it’s wise to accept that although you will have moments of stress, because it’s inevitable when making any move, yet there’s absolutely no need for your blood pressure to rise if you’re prepared to put some time into planning. First things, first, however, book your International Removal Company and get that date firmed in your diary. Then you have a goal to work towards very much on your mind!
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