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Our Movers Guide is designed to advise you as to what the industry considers packing should be to withstand an international relocation. Please have a read through this page to ensure that the transportation of your goods is completed smoothly.

International removers are different from local removals, UK to UK or France to France. It is critical for long distances that you pack your goods according to the industry standards of “export packing” and “export wrapping”. This document is purely for guidance, which you may decide to follow, or not. We are happy to ship any items, protected or not protected.

However, please bear in mind there is no cover for transit damages.

Movers Guide: General tips on packing

Moving To Guides - Movers Guide From labelling your items to packing fabric and leather furniture, we hope these tips will come in handy… continue reading

Movers Guide: Packing room by room

Moving To Guides - Movers Guide This is by far the best way to get about your packing. It is going to take some time so start with the least used rooms. Keep the kitchen for the last days… continue reading

Movers Guide: Vehicle-related Tips

Moving To Guides - Movers Guide We have put together a few items related to the vans. These vehicle-related tips will help you to estimate the volume of your move, and ensure the van can access your property at both ends of the journey…. continue reading

Movers Guide: Manual Lifting Tips

Moving To Guides - Movers Guide One of the biggest causes of back injury at work is lifting or handling objects incorrectly. Learning and following the correct method for lifting and handling heavy loads can help to prevent injury and avoid back pain. Check out these safe manual lifting tips…. continue reading
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