Moving to Spain – Transport

Spain, much like other Western European countries, has an excellent transport system consisting of buses, metros, trams and, naturally, roads on which you can catch a taxi (or drive your own car, or ride a bike if you care about the environment and staying fit). Madrid’s metro network is an extensive work of art comparable to those found in cities like London or Paris, but the networks found in Barcelona, Valencia, Zaragoza, Bilbao and Seville will also do the trick just fine. Single tickets cost the same as buses, between €1 and €2, though in Barcelona and especially Madrid you’re better off buying a card for 10 uses shared between bus and metro which will allow you to pretty much reach whatever point B you desire from whatever point A you’re located at. Those cards cost €13 in Madrid (Metrobús) and €11 in Barcelona (T-10). While monthly passes are also available, it might be a better idea to stick with the 10-use cards instead, though that depends on your needs.


Of course, if buses and the metro aren’t quite your thing, you could always simply drive a car or catch a cab. Taxis are a little more expensive, costing a little over one euro per kilometre, which could increase depending on the time of the day (taxis are generally more expensive after 10 PM, though the exact time in which the “night fare” kicks in depends on the city and cab company). Still, don’t be intimidated – Spanish taxi service is actually among the cheapest in Western Europe, and it would be rare for you to pay more than €10 for a ride. Keep in mind that there might be luggage charges, so a ride from the airport to the city (Barcelona or Madrid) will average about €30. Last, but not least, we must mention the train system, which is mostly good for travel from city to city and is quickly expanding to cover the entire country. Even if your plane doesn’t land near your destination, you can still take a train, bus or a combination of both in order to reach pretty much any point of Spain you’d like.

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