Moving to Spain – Taxation

Before your international move to Spain, open an account in your own country in a bank with established Spanish connections. You can then just transfer your account when you move to Spain. It will save you a significant amount of paperwork and the hassle of opening a brand new account.

Banks do come, and they do go – as far as who owns whom – so check out which banks function in which region. It would be pretty frustrating if you’ve taken the time and energy to open an account in your country with say, connections with a Spanish Bank in central Spain, only to find they are few and far between in the Basque region! Don’t forget to take enough cash, or facility to retrieve money for your first ten days in Spain.

The cost of living in Spain varies significantly depending on where you choose to live. Barcelona, Madrid and San Sebastian for example, are markedly more expensive than elsewhere.


However, overall the cost of living in Spain is cheaper than many other places, even when comparing the more expensive cities. As an example, Barcelona is:

  • 47% cheaper than London
  • 30% cheaper than Dublin
  • 33% cheaper than Sydney
  • 2% cheaper than Washington DC
  • 32% cheaper than Paris
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