Q. What happens if I exceed my load size or weight?

A. The most important thing to remember is that your booking is based on either weight or cubic capacity, whichever is reached first.

Each van can carry 20m3 or 1000kgs (full load)

Part Loads

When you are booking a part load (less than 20m3/1000kgs), this means you are reserving a certain amount of space/weight allowance on the van and it is highly likely you will be sharing this space with other customers goods.

If your goods exceed the space or weight allowance of your booking you will be charged on a pro-rata basis based on the price you have already paid. Please see the following example;

If you have a booking of 10m3/500kgs and you have paid £750 this means you have paid £75 per unit of 1m3 or 50kgs.

If your load then becomes 700kgs, this means you are 200kgs overweight. In this instance you will be charged 4 units extra, 4 x £75 = £300 extra.

This works in the same way if you go over cubic capacity.

If the van only has enough space and weight allowance for your current booking and you have exceeded this, we may need to arrange for the rest of your goods to be picked up another time. However, we will always do our best to organise this on the same day for you if possible.

If your goods are considerably overweight and you are going to require a whole van or more your move coordinator will inform you of the cost as quite often this can work out cheaper than the pro-rata basis. In any case you will never be charged more than this.

Full Loads

If you have booked a full load of 20m3/1000kgs and you exceed this amount, there will be a number of options based on how much over weight/capacity you are and your circumstances.

If you are only slightly overweight by up to 100kgs the driver may be willing to take the extra load for no extra charge or a small additional fee, your move coordinator can confirm this for you. However, this would be at your own risk and if the van is stopped and any extra charges or fines are incurred, they are payable by the customer before unloading.

If you are overweight by 200 – 700kgs we can arrange a part load for you, however please bear in mind that this is unlikely to be possible on the same day. You will need to provide us with a 3 working day window of your choice to arrange this for you, this window can start from the next working day.

Of course, this all depends on your circumstances as quite often you may need to vacate the property that same day. In this situation we can arrange a 2nd van for you and in most cases, this can be done on the same day.

If you are overweight by more than 700kgs we would recommend that you take a 2nd van or multiple extra vans depending on how much overweight the goods are. The vans will be charged at the same rate as your 1st van was charged.

For remote areas there may be an additional fee depending on how far away the next available driver is, your move coordinator can confirm this for you on the day.

In all cases for both part loads and full loads we can just take what you have booked for and you can make your own arrangements for any extra items left over.

It is not always possible that the driver will know if your goods are overweight just by eye, we must make it very clear that the weight and capacity is the customers responsibility. If the driver or the customer has any concerns, we can always arrange for the van to weighed at a local weighbridge if available. If the vans are stopped because the load is overweight, and any extra charges are incurred these must be covered by the customer.

It is also worth remembering that we can resolve most issues, there are very few situations and circumstances that we haven’t experienced. If you are concerned about anything, please speak with your move coordinator who will endeavour to find a solution for you. It may be that we can bring your goods into storage until you are ready to receive them.

In Switzerland, Norway and Austria the weight restriction is 800kgs – the cubic capacity is still 20m3.