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European Car Transport

Moving your car across Europe

You need to move your car across the country – or perhaps even from one end of the continent to the other. But you would rather not drive it there. Maybe you lack time to do so. Perhaps you’re selling it new. Or maybe, all things considered, you would like to avoid an extra few hundred (or thousand) miles on the odometer. In any case, you need a professional European Car Transport Service.

I need to transport my car. Can European Moving help?

European car transport can be tricky. A car is indeed a valuable thing that needs to be respected. It’s not the sort of cargo, in other words, that you’ll want to entrust to an amateur shipping operation. You need a car freight transport solution that’ll get it from one place to another. Moreover, they’ll need to do it promptly, and the package will need to arrive in immaculate condition. Increasingly we are shipping cars across Europe by air freight both one-way export deliveries and two-way trips where cars are being used abroad or involved in films, exhibitions or short term hire. We’ve taken charge of all manner of exotic vehicles of the sort you probably would not want to subject to a long drive. And with the help of our network of reputable contacts, we’ll be able to route your freight to wherever in Europe it needs to go.

How much does it cost to transport a car?

Moving a car needn’t cost the earth. Our shipping practices certainly help to keep every delivery as efficient as possible, and thereby provide a cheap vehicle transport service for the whole of Europe. We don’t charge for packaging services you don’t need, and we equip our drivers with sophisticated satellite navigation that’ll not only route them from one place to another, guiding them around road congestion along the way, but that’ll also allow us to keep track of your package.

European Car Transport

Why not get in touch with our office for a specific quote? Not only is it completely free, it will also allow us to discuss your precise requirements and provide you with a car shipping quote that won’t make your eyes water. European Moving services are available to all of Europe, including non-EU states and remote islands. Here’s a full list of the countries we’ll deliver to and from:
  • Great Britain, France and Germany
  • Ireland and Northern Ireland
  • Spain, including the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, and Portugal
  • Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands
  • Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland
  • Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia
  • Poland, Austria, Switzerland and Hungary
  • Bulgaria, Romania and the Balkans
  • The Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia
  • Greece, Italy, Malta and Cyprus
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