5 Packing Tips

5 Packing Tips

Make a List: If you make a list of everything that you are packing as you pack it then when you unpack you can check the items off the list as you go along making it easier to know if you have in fact lost that thing you can’t find. It also helps with giving any potential moving company you might have been using an inventory of items.

Pack plates vertically: Plates that are stacked vertically, with fabric/bubble wrap/Styrofoam in between them are much less likely to shatter whilst in transit.

Use Rubber Bands to prevent cables from tangling: There’s nothing worse than having to untangle a box of wires and cables. It takes hours and it tediously dull. If you use rubber bands to sort all of the cables into neat little packages then you won’t have to spend hours untangling a mess of wires. You could also use cable ties although rubber bands would be easier to remove.

Don’t over pack boxes or bags: It might seem as though it will make things easier because it will take up less space but it will only cause problems for the person lifting the box or bag because it will no doubt be heavier. This especially true for items like books.

Cover cutlery trays with clingfilm: It seems pointless to find a box or other carrying device for your cutlery when they are probably already in one. Just wrap the tray in clingfilm and that’s you cutlery packed for you.

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  • emma7172

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  • Justin Gray

    The first step to packing smart is choosing the right packing boxes. It may be an obvious advice, make a packing list. This will help you to get organized, and help ensure you remember everything, especially those smaller items like phone chargers and power adapters.

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