Moving with kids – 7 Tips to Make Your Move Easier

Moving is stressful enough when it goes well and moving with children can be even more stressful. Here is a helpful checklist to make moving with children in tow a much smoother process.

Be positive about the move: Children pick up on the emotions and feelings of the people around them and if they see that you’re overly stressed or upset or that you’re dreading the move then they will start to feel those same emotions making it harder for them.

Make it fun for them: It’s unlikely that your children are going to be thrilled with the concept of moving, even a lot of adults don’t like such monumental change so it is to be expected that some children might be a little bit moody around the time of the move so if you can try to make the move itself fun for them, give them things to do during the day and things should run a lot smoother. Turn into an exciting adventure rather than sad and stressful change.

Make sure they know the new house: If they are familiar with the new home the move won’t seem so daunting.

Have everything planned: If everything is planned then fewer things to go wrong, of course, this is good advice for any move but when moving with children, specifically younger children, having everything planned can lessen the weight of the move.

Keep a box of toys separate: It doesn’t have to be actual toys but keep a box or bag filled with some of your child’s favourite things and make sure that they are easily accessible this way if the child gets bored or is feeling stressed they can have something to keep themselves entertained.

Get them involved: Obviously it might be easier if you can have your children be looked after by family or friends on the day of the move but if that isn’t an option then let your children get involved, carrying small items or moving things for others. If the children are involved it lessens the chance of them getting bored.

Let them plan their room: If they can plan their room or elements of their room children might not feel so bad about moving because the new room will feel like it is theirs. Getting used to new settings is difficult for everyone and letting a child have some control over what their new bedroom will look like can make it easier for them to adjust.

Hopefully, these tips make your relocation an easier process.