Relocating Me Crazy: 5 Pieces of Advice Worth Reading Before Moving.

Of course, we should all endeavour to learn from our own mistakes; but it’s a whole load easier to learn from other peoples. Unless you’re all serial movers, you may benefit from this short list of common mistakes made when people relocate. Starting with…

1) Book Now, Don’t Pay For it Later

Unless you relocating on short notice, make a booking with your moving company as early as possible. The best and well recommended companies will usually be able to guarantee your transport up to at least a year in advance, allowing flexibility on changing the date for free, given enough notice. A small deposit is generally required but should well be fully refundable if your relocation doesn’t go ahead.
The advantages of doing this allows time to alter the amount you are moving, whether you over or under estimate or simply decide to take more or less of your belongings. It also provides you a lengthy time span to make sure you have everything else organised without trying to find the best deal with a reputable company last minute. Although most reputable companies will accommodate a last minute transportation – if you choose to live dangerously.

2) Do The Maths

You can usually make a booking with a company initially based on a rough estimate of the size/weight of what you’re moving. You cannot move those belongings if you happen to be over that estimate – not without an additional surcharge. Many have fallen victim to not giving a detailed and accurate load description; most due to innocently assuming they could accurately guess, alas some of them thinking they can save a quick quid because the removal team wouldn’t notice.
Professional moving companies will transport by cubic meters/feet and weight of goods, and will notice if your inventory doesn’t match what they’re loading. The better ones out there will allow for an extra bit of room, as they know all but the fewest of folks will be exact. This is more of an issue on part loads (where you purchase a certain amount of space in a van, essentially sharing with other customers) but a dedicated van that is overweight will incur you charges at the borders – so make sure you take the time weigh up the goods.

3) Cheapskates Move on Thin Ice.

Always find the best deal you can. Just remember that that doesn’t always mean it’s the least expensive. International moving is a very competitive market, and is home to many cowboy traders. In the age of the internet, we are all blessed with the ability to quickly research a company for their legitimacy and reliability. is currently the leading independent review site for retailers and services. This ensures the reviews given are from legitimate customers and not fabricated by the company itself.
An International move isn’t going to be cheap, so remember that if your quote looks too good to be true, then it probably is. A good, professional moving company will take their time to go through any concerns you may have, as well as talking you through each step of the process. Don’t fall prey to someone who will promise the world and relocate you as far as your front door.

4) Pack Me Up, Before You Go-Go.

Leaving packing until the last minute is not the way to a less stressful move. I have written about the common mistakes of packing before, which you can learn of via this link – Packing mistakes you need not make

The main point I wish to concrete into the minds of any potential new movers (and shakers, if you’re that way inclined), is to give yourself time to amend any mistakes. Pack early, carefully and be ready to go at least 48 hours in advance. You can’t correct an error on the big day without a direct line to Lady Luck or divine intervention from the gods of relocation (they consider procrastination a deadly sin).
Some moving companies offer a packing service for an additional fee, but doing it yourself will save you a considerable amount of money. Some companies offer free storage; handy if you need to be out of one place a lot earlier than you need to be in another. Whichever way you do it, make sure it’s done right.

5) No Compare?

Insuring your property for international moving is one of those choices you should always choose to make. There are many bumps in the road when moving to a different country, both literally and figuratively, and some can cause some serious damage to your goods and way of life. Without valid and comprehensive insurance, you’re gambling against your favour.
Many removal companies offer “free” insurance, which within the fine print will not cover you for much aside from third party fire and theft and the occasional act of God. Often this will not exceed more than a small percentage of their actual worth and the company itself will try their hardest to escape liability. So, read their website’s insurance coverage in detail and maybe find a few quotes from specialist insurers – it is often a very reasonable price for protecting all of your worldly goods. Better yet, check your home insurance cover; a great many will include contents cover for international moving already included.
And of course, always read the fine print.
I hope I have been of some assistance. If not, then kudos for reading all the way up to the closing paragraph. If so, then I humbly accept your thanks. Either way, please leave a comment below and help others moving to a brand-new home do so as smoothly as possible.

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