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The cost of moving abroad

Moving to a new destination is very exciting, but the cost of moving abroad also has to be kept in mind if you want the experience to be a good one. Moving home is an expensive business with the biggest fees being the estate agent fees for selling your property and the legal fees for […]

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A few International Moving Companies

If you are searching for international moving companies because you are actively planning on relocating to another country, you will need to do some very thorough research. However, help is at hand. We, at European Moving, are experts at transporting anything from any country within Europe to another. However, that is a little limiting if, […]

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Self-employed and moving abroad

If you are self-employed and moving abroad because your husband, wife or partner has a new job, or if you are moving for family or lifestyle reasons then you need to understand what is required when running a business in your new country of residence. If you are moving as a permanent arrangement or at […]

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accreditations for international removal companies

Accreditation for International Removal Companies

There are many accreditations and memberships that international removal companies can attain. In fact, some of them mean more than others and like any accreditation, some of them are more formal than others. Of course, when you are choosing a removal company it is good to know that they have certain standards and that you […]

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Moving to a new country and tax rules

Tax rules and regulations when moving to a new country The tax rules and your tax obligations will largely depend on the country that you are moving to and how long you are planning to spend there. If you are going to be spending less than 6 months in your country of origin with most […]

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The cost of living in a new country

The cost of living in a new country

Aside from the cost of moving to your new home which will involve removal costs, initial deposits and selling fees, once you are settled in your new home have you considered the actual cost of living in a new country? Many perceive that a new country might be cheaper – after all, you have probably […]

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What to consider financially when moving abroad

Have you ever considered packing up and moving abroad? Perhaps for some, it is just a dream at this stage but for others, it is a reality and something that is actually going to happen. Whether it’s moving to a new country with work or relocating for family or lifestyle, there are many reasons why […]

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cheapest european countries to move in

Cheapest European countries to move in

3 of the cheapest European countries to live in If you are considering making an international move to Europe, but haven’t yet decided on which country you would most like to move to, why not think about the cheapest countries to live in? The cheapest countries to live in used to be part of the […]

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moving to paris

Packing considerations when moving to Paris

When you are moving home, there are so many choices that need to be made, especially if you are moving to another country. One of these decisions will involve Packing Considerations When Moving Home to Paris. Will you be taking on the challenge of moving all of your own belongings long haul, or will you […]

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planning to move

Planning to move to your dream home in France

Buying a new home in France will probably be an involved process. From the breakthrough discovery your next home to then moving all the way across countries to France, there will be many challenges to overcome before you can move in, unwind and enjoy the lifestyle that beautiful France is celebrated for. If you are […]

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