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feeling at home in latvia

Feel at home in Latvia

Getting used to your new home in Latvia Latvia is becoming a progressively popular destination to live and work, providing new inhabitants with a large quantity of unspoilt natural attractions, a high standard of living, low taxes and a very low cost of living. Its historic capital, Riga, is even classed as a World Heritage […]

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international move and finance

International Move and Finance

How will your international move affect your finances? If you are not going to move to and around Europe because of your job, you should do some careful research into which countries have the cheapest cost of living. If your main criterion is the sun, though, you should think about Greece. If on the other […]

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Schooling for Expats – The UK

Schooling in the UK is very much a mixed bag. There is a well provided for state sector, an excellent fee-paying private sector and in London, in particular, a wide choice of fee-paying International Schools. The state sector The UK consists of England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Education has been devolved by the central […]

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Making an international move to Switzerland

CLEARING SWISS CUSTOMS Unlike its neighbours, Switzerland is not a member of the EU. It does not have open borders with it neighbours, and so there is not in place freedom of movement across its borders of goods and people from the EU. This makes the migration of people from the UK to live and […]

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make money when moving

6 Ways to Make Money When Moving Home

Your home is probably the most expensive thing you’ll ever buy. It costs to leave your home and it costs to move into your new home. Ironically, your house move is an amazing opportunity to step out of your life and take a long and hard look at money saving and money making. In this […]

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steps to take after moving

4 Crucial Steps To Take After Moving Your Home

Have you any plans in mind once the Removal Company has driven away? Having moved home, what’s your vision for the next six months? 4 Crucial Steps to take after moving your home. It’s over – or is it? Actually, it’s only just begun! You’re in a new home – perhaps you’ve experienced an international […]

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sell and storage

Sell and Storage

Pack your own belongings and go: is it that simple? It is never easy to leave your home and your friends and relatives. However, they will probably come and visit you in your new home. You aren’t saying goodbye to them forever. In fact, they may want to leave with you and help you unpack. […]

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moving and home comforts

International Moving and Home Comforts

Making sure you have your home comforts in your new home Moving abroad carries with it a whole host of logistical or practical predicaments that you will need to research and resolve before you move. Most of them are easy to find a solution for like the practicalities of moving your belongings. If you are […]

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