Monthly Archive: February 2017

Low-Cost Removal Services 101

International relocation is a much easier task these days than it was merely a few generations ago. With access to the web in the palm of our hands, we can plan and purchase nigh on everything needed to up and move to anywhere we desire, with relative ease. Somewhere between horses being relieved of commercial […]

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Four Places in Europe Perfect to Retire to

Whether it’s early, on time or belated retirement, those of us fortunate enough to reach an age where we can live out the rest of our days how we choose may decide to do so in a land less familiar. With numerous locations that have grown into safe havens for British expats, moving to paradise […]

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International Moving Made Easy

If you’re sold on relocating to another part of the world, then you are already braver than most people you will ever meet. Well done, you’re living life to the fullest and are not tamed to lack a sense of adventure. But don’t rush in like some kind of fool; careful preparation of your soon-to-be […]

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Employment in Europe

Despite the banks doing something with all of our money on a worldwide scale. Putting millions out of work, securing a far less comfortable future for millions more, all in a way I still don’t fully understand, Europe is still a land of opportunity and employment in Europe is still good. Sadly, in this instance, […]

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Moving to Europe – Best destinations

2016 was an incredibly interesting/victorious/horrifying/confusing year, depending on how you look at it (or which way you voted). With winning by such a fine margin for Britain moving away from the EU, millions still are left sure that Brexit will bring about an economic apocalypse at least as bad as all the other ones we […]

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