Monthly Archive: June 2016

5 Moving Hacks

Plan: If you have everything planned then less is going to go wrong. Make sure your plans are as thorough as they can be and make sure you h ave contingencies in place just for in case things do go wrong. Don’t leave anything to the last minute. Pack the kitchen first and unpack the […]

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How to make moving abroad easier

There are many ways to make moving abroad here are some of them! Have a plan: Know where you are going, what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. Know as much as you can before you move abroad. Have a job ready: If at all possible you should have job waiting for you when […]

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Why move abroad?

Some people like the idea of moving abroad, others don’t, here are some reason why people might want to move abroad! Climate One reason people move abroad is that they don’t like the weather. Imagine you’re from somewhere cold and all day you dream of living somewhere hot. Then why not move to the south […]

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Colour Coded Boxes

One of the the worst things about moving homes is not being able to find the right box or having the boxes end up in the wrong rooms making it harder for everyone but there is a simple solution to this problem! Colour Code your boxes and by that I don’t mean paint them, all […]

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10 Places to live in France

You’ve decided to relocate to France but you aren’t sure where to move to in France, here is a guide of ten possible locations for you to relocate to. Paris: One of the most Iconic cities in the entire world. Paris is a shining example of a great European city. From the legendary landmarks like […]

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10 Places to live in Italy

You’ve decided to move to Italy but you aren’t sure of where in Italy to move. Here is a breakdown of 10 possible places to relocate to. Rome: The capital city and one of many places to move to. Located in the Lazio region of Italy Rome is home to some of the most stunning […]

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