Monthly Archive: May 2016

Changing address after moving

It’s important after your move to inform people of your new address, but there are some people who need to know urgently to ensure they can contact you. Here we have produced a checklist of the most important people to inform of your change in address: Inform those who you’re expecting mail from. You may […]

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Relocating out of your parents house

In the United Kingdom, you need to be at least 16 years old to leave your parents’ house without their permission. There are a number of reasons for Relocating out at this age, be it a new school, long-term travel or a self-esteem boost. If you’re considering Relocating, you should take this Test to be […]

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Moving with Pets – Checklist

When Moving house with pets, you can sometimes forget the necessary things your pet needs to ensure you have all you need is your new home. Here you can find a checklist of everything you will need when Moving with pets, there is an individual checklist for dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, birds and fish. Each separate […]

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Where to Relocate in Europe?

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide where to move across Europe, but with this guide you can find out which each country has for offer, and so can limit your choices down to countries which suite your needs and personality. The guide is limited to the most popular moving destinations throughout Europe and we hope […]

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New Offices for European Moving!

European Moving UK Recently relocated from their old, small offices, to a much bigger location, complete with storage facilities! The relocation was completed by our own team, and as expected went smoothly! None of our goods were damaged and nothing went missing! We offer Office Removals, so if you require a smoothly run Office Move, […]

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